Positive Changes After I Became Gluten Free


At first when one hears the words, “You have Celiacs” and “You need to have a zero gluten diet” one could go through a sort of grieving process. The no mores can flood our minds kind of like storm clouds gathering. No mores like no more pizza, no more sandwiches, no more cookies.


For me the no mores were replaced by the Oh Wows as I discovered a few positive changes.


One that I began to notice about a month after being gluten free was my sense of taste improved A LOT. I noticed one day when I took a bit out of a peach. My taste buds reacted big time.



The way I describe it is it was like the taste sensation was dancing on my tongue. I noticed it every time I ate some fruit.


And then one day I ate some quality dark chocolate and my tastes buds exploded.


Wow so chocolate and fruit are both so much better tasting now. The only thing was adjusting how spicy I had my food so I would not feel like my tongue was on fire.


So if you are newly diagnosed with Celiacs, cheer up because some positives can happen. Having my sense of taste come alive was a big one for me. Oh and hint hint- Organic fruit tastes better than regular fruit.


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