Mental Health Mondays- Foggy Brain?

Foggy Brain???? What is that????


I didn’t hear the term foggy brain until after I was diagnosed with Celiacs. Basically, foggy brain for me meant the normal day to day stuff was okay kind of like being on auto pilot, but my creative side was SHUT down. It is probably different for everyone. If you want a clinical explanation I got this from NIH. Just click on the NIH for it.

It is kind of like being stuck in 2nd gear when you want to be in 3rd gear or sometimes in 4th gear. I was fine with teaching because I had taught my classes for so long that like I said it was auto pilot, but writing, creating, etc were just not there for the few years before I was diagnosed. It was kind of like walking through mud when I wanted to be running on the sidewalk.

I really noticed the difference a month or so after I became gluten free. It was like someone turned on the light bulb in my head.


I started to notice ideas for writing were coming to me quickly as if I had just gone into hyperspace.


I would notice as I was doing my water walking at the gym. Ideas started coming to me. I wrote a drama script for my church that was performed in the Christmas Eve service about the angel Gabriel visiting the nativity to check it out first hand.

So why would I share about something like foggy brain? Because if one person reads this and it helps them to think they possibly could have Celiacs due to just not feeling their peppy selves mentally, and they get checked, and they find out they have Celiacs, then this post is worth it. Sorry for the run on sentence-(I am a grammar nerd myself just got carried away).

So if you are reading this post and you feel not so peppy mentally, and you have other symptoms, if you want to see a list click on the word symptoms for a list from Mayo Clinic, then get checked out.





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