Celiacs Disease My Personal Trainer? Am I Crazy?

The name for my blog could perhaps cause some to wonder if I am a bit crazy. However, the name comes from a conversation I had with some friends from South Korea that are living in my city, Lincoln Nebraska. I had not seen them over the summer of 2017. In fact the last time I saw them, I looked like this.


For years, I could not lose weight. I kept bloating up. I would eat sandwiches made with 100% whole wheat thinking that was healthy, which for most people it is but not for someone with Celiacs. I would eat fast food about every other day. A few times I mentioned to my doctor that I didn’t understand why I would gain four pounds after eating 2 slices of pizza and an iced tea with no sugar from Vals to Go.

July 31st, 2017, I received a call from a rheumatologist I had seen with the news. My blood test came back and I had tested positive for Celiacs Disease. Over the summer, I had managed to avoid white flour because I thought I had a form of arthritis and read that white flour causes inflammation, but after my diagnosis for Celiacs, I had to go gluten free meaning ZERO gluten.

It was an adjustment to COMPLETELY change how I eat, but pain is a great motivator. More on that in my next posting.

Well, after being gluten free for a while, I look like this.


You can see the difference in my face. I have lost 50 pounds so far.

So how does that relate to the name of my blog that might make you think I am a bit crazy?

I was having lunch with my friends from Korea in their home.


I SO appreciated that they cooked with gluten free soy sauce, yes regular soy sauce has gluten in it, sadly BEWARE of Sushi.dog-face-labrador-smile-407082.jpeg

As we were eating lunch, Jee Hee the wife commented about how different I look since I lost weight. I shared with them that I had to change how I eat because of Celiacs and a positive is that I can lose weight now.

Jee Hee used google translate to find the words Personal Trainer and smiled at me and said, “So Celiacs is your Personal Trainer.”

We all had a good laugh and that stuck with me. Celiacs is no joke, but if we approach it right, there are benefits for our health. For me, a BIG one is finally being able to lose weight. I hope to lose another 50 pounds. I plan to continue learning more about healthy eating for someone with Celiacs. I am no expert, but will share what I learn as I am on this journey.

I am trying to keep the attitude that Celiacs is teaching more me about health and fitness. Not that I will be running in a 5K or anything like that, but feeling better and being more healthy is worth it.

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